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Dreamline Digital is an international team, where 75% of our team members are from western countries, and speak Mandarin.

In Hong Kong Madison Wade, Corentin Stephan, Colleen Chapco and Barnes Lam met and started Dreamline Digital which has been delivering lead generation results for various industries including luxury furniture, conglomerates, cryptocurrencies, big data, home improvements, apps and of course real estate since 2017.

As Dreamline Digital has seen the most success out of its Real Estate and Home Improvement campaigns; along with Barnes Lam's experience of moving from Hong Kong to Toronto he noticed a gap in the Toronto market place. Therefore we decided to dig deeper and audited property developers from around the world in major cities, finding none of the developers are tapping into the 200B to 1 Trillion Dollar marketplace which is Chinese International Real Estate buying.

With our experience in marketing real estate in Hong Kong and Toronto, we know that property developers/builders can benefit from our international service.